Monday, July 15, 2013

The End of the Detox


My detox came to an end and I must say that although it felt good and my body felt rebooted, I don't think I will be doing a 3 day juice detox for awhile.. I lead a pretty active life, and not having food in my system made that quite challenging. I think the next detox I do will definitely be one of the others in the book that consists of food. 

All in all though, I was pleased with how my body felt and feels afterward. I ended up losing four pounds, which I don't really care about the weight, but if I lost four pounds of toxins then I am very very pleased. Now my mind and body are refreshed and I am ready to fill the rest of my summer filled with lean, green, and clean eats and drinks. 

Today my meals are fairly light as I come off of the detox. For breakfast I had a juice 1 cup of watermelon and one lime. If you love watermelon as much as me, your insides will jump for joy at this juice. It is so delicious and I feel like the flavor alone gives me a boost of energy. For lunch I will do a small salad with a ton of green veggies on top. For dinner I will cook up some quinoa (the biggest staple food in my gluten free life) with steamed yellow squash that I got from a coworker, as well as some steamed broccoli. To add some flavor to this meal I will sauté some onions in a little bit of organic, low-sodium, gluten free chicken broth.. A personal touch I like is to add a handful of raisins. In one bite I get something crunchy, soft, sweet, and salty. It's the perfect combination to appease my stomach. 

Later under recipes I will have the full recipe, along with instructions on how to get this simple, yet delicious summer meal. 

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